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Liget Royal Restaurant Hévíz menu

Liget Royal Restaurant Hévíz menu

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Gentle foods

Chicken breast bites in Panko crumbs, mashed potatoes (1,2,5)
2.990 Ft

Marinated salmon, kimchi, coriander (3,4)
2.490 Ft

Duck liver terrine, red onion jam, homemade brioche (1,2,4,5)
3.490 Ft


Guinea fowl soup, vegetables, rice noodles
2.490 Ft

Beef cheek goulash soup, basket of homemade bread (1)
3.490 Ft

Main dishes

Tagliatelle, wild garlic, parmesan (1,2,4,5)
3.490 Ft

Chicken supreme, buckwheat, celery, sucrine lettuce (2)
5.490 Ft

Sturgeon fillet, risotto, citrus fruits, saffron (2)
7.990 Ft

Young pork knuckle „Mrs Baker” style (2,3)
5.490 Ft

Veal tongue, wild cream sauce, napkin dumplings (1,2,5)
5.990 Ft

Veal spider steak cutlet, mashed potatoes (1,2,5)
4.990 Ft

Beef cheek Burgundy, carrot, polenta (2,3,4)
5.990 Ft


Blondie chocolate brownie, toffee, ginger, passion fruit (1,2,5)
2.990 Ft

Cottage cheese balls, raspberries (1,2,5)
2.790 Ft


Royal a-la Liget (1,2) (Truffle pasta, mascarpone, Mortadella)
4.290 Ft

Ungherese (1,2) (Tomato, mozzarella, onions variation, mushroom, pepperoni a la Milanese, prosciutto)
3.990 Ft

Salame (1,2) (Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni a la Milanese)
3.990 Ft

Prosciutto (1,2) (Tomato, mozzarella, original Prosciutto ham)
3.990 Ft

Margherita (1,2) (Tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto)
3.290 Ft

Focaccia (1) (Royal focaccia, olive oil, olives, rosmary)
1.790 Ft

1) Glutén Gluten
2) Laktóz Lactose
3) Szója Soy/Soya
4) Diófélék Nuts/Nüsse
5) Tojás Egg/Ei

In case of half portion we charge you with 70% of the price of the meal.

The total amount of the invoice includes a 10% service fee.
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