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About us | Get to know the Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz

About us | Get to know the Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz

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Hévíz, a small town on the world-famous lake, is not only famous for its spa and natural beauties, but also promises rich gastronomic experiences. One such culinary gem is the Liget Royal Restaurant, located only 5 minutes from the lake. The Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz awaits you with an intimate, friendly atmosphere that evokes family meals of old times, all in a modern guise.
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Restaurant Hévíz: this is our story

The history of our restaurant began in 2010, when we took over the place we successfully operated, we can confidently and happily say that we own the favorite restaurant of many locals and many tourists. 

In the summer of 2023, an unexpected event occurred that was a minor pipe burst, necessitating the temporary closure of the restaurant. But we not only dealt with the problem, but also saw a new opportunity in the closure.
During the restoration of the damage caused by the pipe break, we decided not only to restore it to its original condition, but also to carry out a complete renovation of the entire restaurant. Our goal was to create an intimate, friendly and peaceful atmosphere in the new place, where our guests can feel at home. The restaurant is dressed in a modern robe, while carefully preserving its pleasant, homely impression.

During the renovation of the restaurant, not only the environment changed, but also many exciting developments were made to the menu. The owner and chef teamed up to bring fresh, quality ingredients to the tables. The menu is fresh, modern and varied, satisfying different tastes. The gastronomic experience is further enhanced by a wide selection of excellent wines that perfectly complement the food offer.

Restaurant Hévíz: a place to spend quality time with loved ones

Together with the renewal of the Liget Royal Restaurant, not only the building and the menu have become fresher, but the experience of the guests has also become significantly richer. The restaurant is now not only a special place for delicacies, but we have created an atmosphere where we can spend quality time with our loved ones.

During the renovation, it was extremely important for us that the Liget Royal Restaurant should not only be a place to eat, but a special center where people can find their way back to the atmosphere of the old days, when they were not in such a hurry and eating meant real relaxation.

The purpose of our intimate and friendly environment is to give our guests the opportunity to have protracted conversations, enjoy time slowly and savor food. When designing the restaurant, our intention was to create an atmosphere where time almost stands still and our guests can enjoy culinary delights while feeling the tranquility and peace of old times.

Restaurant Hévíz: gastronomic specialties in a relaxed environment

When designing the restaurant, we also put emphasis on letting our guests feel relaxed and liberated while enjoying our excellent food. Our elegant yet friendly atmosphere is ideal for longer conversations, meetings with friends and family gatherings. Sitting at tables on the restaurant's terrace in good weather only intensifies. 

Whether it's a nice dinner, a light lunch or a special occasion, Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz is always ready to pamper its guests with our gastronomic specialties and create a relaxed environment where everyone can feel at home.

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