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Class reunion venue in Hévíz in Zala county at Liget Royal Restaurant


Class reunion venue in Zala County – Liget Royal Restaurant is the best choice

When choosing a venue for your class reunion, you probably want a place where elegance and casualness are in perfect harmony. You are looking for a place where you can not only recall old memories, but also create new ones. The Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz, in the heart of Zala County, offers just such a unique atmosphere. Our restaurant in the city center stands out not only for its tasteful surroundings and excellent cuisine, but also for our hospitality and personalized services.
Class reunion venue in Hévíz in Zala county

We are the best class reunion venue in Zala County!

Our Liget Royal restaurant is located in a frequented location of Hévíz, in the vibrant heart of the city, which means that wherever you come from, you can easily find us. Due to the central location of the city, the restaurant can be a perfect starting point for those who want to discover the cultural sights of Hévíz or enjoy the relaxation offered by the medicinal waters before or after the meeting.

In addition to accessibility, the design of the restaurant is also outstanding. With our modern yet homely design, we create a unique atmosphere that provides the perfect backdrop for class reunions. The interior is elegant but intimate, which allows old friends and classmates to comfortably sit down to talk, remember and laugh together. Book a table with us!

We are particularly proud of our pleasantly elegant terrace, which serves as a real gem during the warmer months. Here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in the fresh air and green surroundings while being part of the pulsating life of the city. The terrace is the perfect venue for those who like outdoor events, where you can experience the proximity of nature and the bustle of city life.

Class reunion in Zala county with excellent food

On our menu we rethought the classics of Hungarian cuisine, but we did not stop there. We are aware that more and more of our guests are paying attention to their special dietary needs, be it for health reasons or lifestyle choices. That's why we're proud to offer gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan options, ensuring everyone has their ideal meal.
In addition, our selection of wines and homemade syrups further enriches your dining experience. Carefully selected drinks create perfect harmony with food, ensuring that the meal is truly memorable for everyone. Whether it's reimagining a traditional Hungarian dish, a delicious gluten-free dish or a delicious vegetarian platter, Liget Royal guarantees that everyone will find the perfect flavors for themselves.

Personalized class reunions in Zala County

Class reunions have deep emotional significance as they are an opportunity to reunite with old friends and classmates, reminisce about the past and celebrate our successes together. We recognize that each class and group is unique, with their own stories, memories and needs. That is why at Liget Royal we pay special attention to personalized event planning.

Our team has worked closely with you from the very beginning to tailor every detail to your needs, whether it's the décor, the seating arrangement or even the music selection. Our goal is to make sure the event perfectly reflects the character and style of your class.

We are also aware that dietary preferences and needs vary widely. Whether it's food allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, the cuisine of Liget Royal is ready to offer everyone satisfying, tasty and nutritious food.

Book a table for a class reunion in Zala County

When organizing class reunions, it's important to pay attention to every detail, so please contact us ahead of time so we can discuss your ideas and needs. You can make your reservation by phone, email or directly via our website.
Liget Royal Restaurant would like to host your class reunion, so that together we can recall the good old days and create new memories in the heart of Hévíz, in Zala county. You are welcome to book a table directly using this form:

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