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The Liget Royal Restaurant also accepts SZÉP card payments in Hévíz


Family restaurant in Hévíz with SZÉP card acceptance

In the heart of Hévíz, Liget Royal Restaurant is a place where elegance, exceptional service and culinary experiences meet in perfect harmony. The restaurant is not only in the center of the city, but for everyone's convenience, it awaits all its guests as a SZÉP card acceptance point, so if you want to take advantage of the advantages offered by your SZÉP card, you can do so with us!
The Liget Royal Restaurant also accepts SZÉP card payments in Hévíz

Intimate restaurant in Hévíz with SZÉP card acceptance

The interior of our restaurant exudes a unique atmosphere, peaceful style and modern elegance blend nicely, creating a place where everyone can feel at home. The atmosphere lies not only in the space, but also in the dishes, which are real culinary masterpieces. The menu of Liget Royal Restaurant meets traditional and modern gastronomic styles, offering a special experience for every gourmet.

The restaurant boasts an excellent selection of wines, which perfectly match the atmosphere of the venue and the dishes. Guests can, of course, pay with their SZÉP card, making their stay even easier. Liget Royal Restaurant strives to provide comfort and quality service to all its guests, and accepting the SZÉP Card is just another step in this endeavor.

Homely restaurant in Hévíz with SZÉP card payment option

The Liget Royal Restaurant awaits families who want to let go of the everyday rush and enjoy a delicious meal in a pleasant, peaceful environment, while having a pleasant conversation with each other. The special atmosphere of the restaurant is like going on a journey through time, where the atmosphere of peace meets modern elegance in perfect balance.

There is no need to hurry here, Liget Royal Restaurant is a place where everyone can stop time to enjoy delicious food and each other's company together. The interior of the beautifully designed restaurant is cozy and welcoming, an excellent choice for family gatherings, where the service and quality of food guarantee pleasant and unforgettable moments.

The Liget Royal Restaurant SZÉP card is also available as a place of acceptance to make the stay of families even more comfortable. Don't worry about paying, rather let taste and good company be important, as with the help of the SZÉP card you can easily settle the costs of food and drink.

Give in to the rush of everyday life and let the Liget Royal Restaurant take care of the family experience. Together with your children, parents or grandparents, discover the specialties of the Liget Royal and let a simple dinner or lunch become a real family memory.

Restaurant in Hévíz with SZÉP card payment

By accepting the SZÉP card, Liget Royal Restaurant opens its doors even more widely to those who want to take part in an unforgettable restaurant experience. Whether it's a family lunch, a romantic dinner or a business lunch, the restaurant is committed to making your stay special every time.

So, discover all the specialties of Liget Royal Restaurant, enjoy quality food and elegant surroundings, while your SZÉP card can also serve as a means of payment. A place where food, service and experiences really merge to make your visit to the Liget Royal unforgettable.

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