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Restaurant in downtown Hévíz, try the magnificent dishes of Liget Royal Restaurant


Restaurant in the centre of Hévíz with fantastic food

The search for experiences and the discovery of flavours has always been one of the basic desires of mankind. Restaurants are central places for satisfying these needs, and a well-chosen restaurant can be memorable not only for its good food, but also for its atmosphere, service and ambience. Visitors to the centre of Hévíz can now discover a special place where the peaceful atmosphere is embodied in a modern setting - welcome to the Liget Royal Restaurant.
Restaurant in downtown Hévíz

An old restaurant in downtown Hévíz in a new look

The restaurant is specially designed for those who like elegant and exclusive surroundings, but at the same time appreciate the atmosphere of peaceful times. Liget Royal Restaurant has recently become famous not only for its high quality food, but also for its renovation. The interior of the restaurant has been carefully redesigned to create a venue where guests can enjoy a unique experience.

In revamping the concept of our restaurant, we have taken to heart the values of peaceful hospitality, old-time charm, a relaxed environment and personal attention. It is the experience we would expect from a modern-day restaurant. The Liget Royal Restaurant offers not just a dining experience, but a complete experience where the elegance of the past meets the relaxedness of the present. Try this kind of atmosphere and experience the ambience of the old days in a modern guise!

Restaurant in the peace in downtown Hévíz with a renewed menu

We respectfully cultivate the principles of peaceful hospitality and embody this in every detail of our restaurant. The interior and atmosphere of the restaurant is inspired by the atmosphere and charm of times gone by. The Liget Royal Restaurant is not just a place to dine; rather, it is a place where we stop time so that our guests can relax and enjoy the true pleasure of food and drink.

The restaurant is proud to present its new and updated menu, offering a harmonious blend of traditional and innovative cuisines. The chefs' creativity and passion for food is evident in their preparation and each dish invites guests on a culinary journey - since our reopening, our guests have been singing the praises of our new dishes, come and try some of our delicious new dishes, they could be your new favourite!

Liget Royal Restaurant, a family restaurant in downtown Hévíz

Personal attention is of paramount importance to us. The team at Liget Royal Restaurant is committed to providing a special experience for all our guests. The friendly and direct atmosphere we create suggests that everyone can feel at home here, without the pressure to conform during a meal.

The previous name of our restaurant didn't quite fit this new concept, so we decided to change it. In the name of Liget Royal Restaurant, we pay homage to the past by preserving the memory of the building's former premium restaurant, the Royal Restaurant. With this name, we not only remember our historical roots, but also that we work every day to live up to the traditions created by previous generations.

Easily accessible restaurant in the centre of Hévíz

The Liget Royal Restaurant stands out not only for its food, but also for its service and hospitality. The staff are attentive and professional, doing their utmost to ensure that guests have the most pleasant experience possible. Guests are not just dining here, they are part of a complete experience.

The location of the restaurant is also ideal, as it is situated in the centre of Hévíz, easily accessible and directly connected to the cultural and tourist life of the town. Liget Royal Restaurant is therefore an excellent choice not only for locals but also for visitors to the town.

Liget Royal Restaurant is a restaurant that combines a peaceful atmosphere with modern elegance. The renovated interior and the new menu guarantee that guests will be part of an unforgettable experience that will impress both food and comfort lovers. If you are in the centre of Heviz, don't miss this special place where food and atmosphere meet to offer a magical experience for all.

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