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Everyone should know the history of the Hévíz lake


The special history of Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz and its surroundings are such a magical place where nature and man-made wonders meet. The village next to the lake has been called Hévíz since the Middle Ages, and when it was first mentioned in 1328, the name already referred to the source of the lake. A faded parchment preserves the first written record of the spa, where "the water of the divergent steamer is very suitable for skin care and calls the folk community that arose nearby the village of Gout." Let's see what makes Lake Hévíz so special!
The special history of Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz healed people already in the Middle Ages

In medieval times there is little data on the use of medicinal water, but it is likely that the locals enjoyed the beneficial effects of the lake even then. At the beginning of the 19th century, György Festetics played a huge role in the development of the lake, as he placed the rafts on the water. After the constructions, the lake gained national importance as a tourist and medicinal destination. For a while, the lake bath was rented exclusively by the Festetics family.

Lake Hévíz and Indian red water lily

Around the lake in 1898 Sándor Lovassy planted an Indian red fairy rose, which is still a dominant plant in the area. The flowers open late at night, and their petals close in the morning hours of the next day. The small-flowered white water lily can be found in the warm waters of Hévíz and Keszthely, and is the only surely native form of fairy roses.

The Festetics family gave the lake bath to others, and in 1905 Wenceslas Reischl, brewer from Keszthely, rented it. His activities gave impetus to the development of the area.

After Trianon, the Hungarian significance of Lake Hévíz continued to grow, as few other large bathing areas remained in the remaining domestic areas. In the 1920s, the beach bath was built, and a year later a two-storey bath building was built in the northern part of the lake. The bathhouse was enriched with a glass roof in 1931-32.

The Liget Royal Restaurant located a few minutes from Lake Hévíz is just as much part of the local charm as the lake with healing water. The restaurant offers an experience in which traditions and the history of the city are revived. The combination of mouth-watering food and sophisticated atmosphere is calming and makes your stay by the lake unforgettable. Try one of our unique dishes!


Water and wildlife of Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz is a unique phenomenon fed by two springs. It originates from one of these springs in a karst cave 38 meters deep, where tens of thousands of years of warm and colder waters mix. This uniquely composed water, in the amount of 30-40 thousand liters per minute, emerges from the springs with a temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the impressive flow, the water of the lake is completely replaced every three days, refreshing and renewing this natural healing treasure. Thus, Lake Hévíz is not only beautiful and special, but also a unique natural wonder with its freshness and warm medicinal water.

Lake Hévíz is surrounded by rows of deciduous swamp cypress trees, and organisms living in warm peat beds play an important role in the healing effect of the water. 

In January 2003, the lake and its surroundings were included in the recommendation list of the Hungarian National Committee for World Heritage, and in 2014 Hévíz entered the competition for the World Heritage title independently. With this, this magical place conquers the hearts of more and more people and becomes a globally recognized tourist and medical destination, if you haven't been here yet, you should check out Lake Hévíz and its surroundings, then stop by us for a nice lunch or dinner!
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