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Get to know the fantastic effects of the Hévíz Spa!


Hévíz Spa: an ideal remedy for many diseases

The Hévíz Spa is not just a thermal lake; It is a natural treasure whose beauty and healing power are difficult to put into words. Discover this special place where natural miracle and healing unite, and let the energies inside permeate your body and soul, we will show you what diseases the water of the spa can cure for. 
Hévíz spa

The Hévíz Spa is a truly stress-free zone

The 33.9-hectare area surrounding the Hévíz Spa provides natural protection against the wind, while evaporating water purifies the air. As a result, it provides bathers with a pleasant environment free of dust and allergens. The Hévíz Spa allows not only physical but also mental refreshment for those who want to relax after everyday stress and fatigue.

How much should we stay in the water of the Hévíz Spa?

Taking into account the indications for bathing in medicinal water, it is recommended to stay in the water for 20-30 minutes occasionally, and then spend a total of 1-1.5 hours a day on the healing lake with at least half an hour of rest. The medicinal water contains a balanced ratio of dissolved and gaseous substances, including carbonated, sulphurous, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and slightly radon emanation. 

These active ingredients have various medicinal effects, such as anti-inflammatory calcium, nerve-calming magnesium and vasodilating carbonic acid, which together exert their positive effects. Carbonate contributes to the velvetiness of the skin, maintaining its healthy state.

Who is the water of the Hévíz Spa good for?

The main active ingredient of medicinal water and healing mud is sulfur, which is especially important in case of rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases. Sulphur medicinal water is a natural remedy for joint problems, helping cartilage regeneration. In addition, water positively affects estrogen levels in the body, so it can also be effective in treating chronic gynecological problems.

The hydrostatic pressure exerted during bathing and movement in all directions are ideal for blood circulation. The pleasant water temperature allows for long-term bathing, while the healing mud thickly covering the bed of the lake enhances the effectiveness of the medicinal water, concentrating the chemicals contained in it. 

The treatments not only bring temporary relief, but also prevent the pain from returning for months, so the spring cure is a painless Christmas gift for those struggling with rheumatism.

The water of the Hévíz Spa not only treats already existing health problems, but can also be widely used as a preventive measure. In addition, the relaxation and relaxation opportunities offered by the medicinal lake also contribute to people's overall well-being and health.

Who is the Hévíz Spa not recommended for?

While the Hévíz Spa has many beneficial effects, it is also important to highlight contraindications. Bathing is not recommended for infectious diseases, malignant tumors, heart failure, circulatory disorders, thrombosis and other blood diseases, asthma, hypertension and pregnancy.

The Hévíz Spa primarily serves healing purposes, it also takes into account prevention needs, especially for the younger age group, more precisely those under the age of 12. The children's zone designed for them ensures safe and enjoyable rest for children, while taking advantage of the exceptional natural features and healing power of the Hévíz Spa. Thanks to this, it deservedly holds its place among the world's leading spas.

Did you know? The Liget Royal Restaurant located next to the Hévíz Spa offers an excellent opportunity for those who want to have some delicacies and relaxation after the spa. The restaurant is only a 5-minute walk from the spa, making it easily accessible and an ideal choice for those who want to continue their relaxation with a delicious meal.


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