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Thermal bath of Hévíz: Oasis of healing and relaxation


Hévíz Thermal Bath: 3 reasons why you should try it too

Hungary pride, Lake Hévíz and its associated spa complex enjoy outstanding popularity not only among domestic but also among international tourists. But what is it that makes this place so special? Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely try the Thermal Bath of Hévíz!
Thermal bath of Hévíz

1.    Health and healing in the thermal bath of Hévíz

The special and unique character of Lake Hévíz is given by its extremely rich mineral content, which is considered unique in its composition. This richness allows the lake's water to contribute particularly effectively to the treatment and alleviation of many musculoskeletal diseases and dermatological problems. 
The on-site spa not only takes advantage of the healing powers provided by nature, but also offers modern, science-based therapeutic services. This wide range of therapies allows visitors to take action to preserve and improve their health in a complex way, placing great emphasis not only on physical but also on mental recreation. The time spent here is thus not only about rest and relaxation, but also a real investment in our own well-being and health.

2.    Experiences and relaxation

The Thermal Bath of Hévíz is not only a paradise for those who want to recover, but also a citadel of water adventures and cloudless fun for the whole family. The multitude of pools, the slide park, the sauna world and the wellness services guarantee that there is something for all ages.

The various pools are a favorite of many, since:

•    The spa complex boasts 38 pools with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 38°C. In addition to the thermal pools, there is also a swimming pool, a training pool, an adventure pool and a children's pool.
•    For adventurers, the slide park promises exciting moments. Slides of different lengths and difficulty guarantee unclouded fun for young and old alike.
•    For lovers of relaxation, the jacuzzis and whirlpools provide a relaxing experience.

3.    The thermal bath of Hévíz also provides spiritual renewal

During a visit to the Thermal Bath of Hévíz, not only the body can heal, but the soul can also rest and recharge. Bathing in medicinal water relaxes muscles, relieves pain and improves well-being. The minerals contained in the water also have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair.

The beautiful surroundings of the spa, the lakeside parks and promenades, the quiet, peaceful atmosphere all contribute to finding inner peace and harmony. Being close to nature helps to let go of stress, worries and tension. Bathing can calm the mind and focus on your inner voice.

In the Thermal Spa of Hévíz there are many opportunities for relaxation and relaxation. In addition to the pools, saunas, steam rooms, massages and other spa facilities are available. Restaurants and cafés in the spa area serve delicious food and drinks. One such restaurant is Liget Royal Restaurant, where we are waiting for you with the atmosphere of times of peace, time really stands still with us, you don't have to hurry, just focus on your loved ones and delicious food. 

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