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The wonderful healing power of the Hévíz spa is famous all over the world


The lake bath of Hévíz awaits you with real healing power

The Hévíz Medicinal Lake, the world's largest volcanic, peat mud, biologically active lake, is a treasure that captivates everyone. This natural wonder is not just a bathing place, but an island of healing, where the power of nature merges with the experience of healing. If you haven't been here yet, it's definitely worth coming at any time of the year and taking a dip in the water of the famous thermal bath of Hévíz. 
The lake bath of Hévíz awaits you with real healing power

The water in the Hévíz bath is changed every three days

The lake covers an area of 4.4 hectares and has an impressive depth of 38 meters. It is fed by mineral-rich springs, which, thanks to its abundant water yield - 410 l/second - completely replaces the water in the lake every three days. Thus, bathers can always enjoy bathing in fresh, healing water. Water heated by geothermal energy does not lower the temperature of 22  °C in winter and can reach 35-38 °C in summer, providing ideal relaxation in all seasons.

There is a wonderful forest next to the bath of Hévíz

The 33.9-hectare forest surrounding the Hévíz Medicinal Lake not only provides protection from the point of view of the sight, but also provides wind protection for bathers. The continuous evaporation of the lake purifies the air, so visitors can relax in a dust- and allergen-free environment. This healing lake is not just a place, but an oasis where body and soul, tired of work, can find harmony again.

After diving in the healing water of the Hévíz bath, Liget Royal Restaurant is the perfect place for a culinary trip. The restaurant's captivating atmosphere and refined dishes create the perfect balance of peace and gastronomic pleasure. Here you can enjoy the wonders of modern gastronomy in the atmosphere of times of peace.


For what problems is the water of the Hévíz bath excellent? 

The water of the healing lake has a unique composition: it is rich in both dissolved and gaseous substances. It contains carbonated, sulphurous, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and slightly radon emanation, all in balance with therapeutic effects. Sulfur is the most important active ingredient of medicinal water and healing mud, a natural remedy against joint diseases. Water has a beneficial effect on estrogen levels, making it effective in treating gynecological problems.

The perfect combination of hydrostatic pressure and movement in all directions is perfect for blood circulation, while the healing mud covering the lakebed further enhances the healing effect. This mud not only brings momentary improvement, but also prevents the recurrence of pain in the long run. Therefore, the bath of Hévíz offers not only the possibility of healing, but also a real experience.

Bathing in lake water is only one part of the complex healing process. Physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, mud packs, physiotherapy treatments and weight baths all contribute to laying the foundations of healing. These treatments not only target physical symptoms, but also support the mental balance of patients, thus creating a complete healing experience.
Therapeutic swimming in the water of the healing lake is an excellent option for people with musculoskeletal problems. The slightly radon-rich water promotes muscle relaxation and pain relief, so the effectiveness of physiotherapy is also increased. Medical massage and mud packs penetrate deep into the muscles, helping them to regenerate and reduce inflammation.

A wide range of physiotherapy treatments provide a personalized approach to treating diseases. Weight baths offer a unique opportunity to relieve tension and load, while the hydrostatic pressure provided by water promotes blood circulation and joint regeneration.
The healing power of the Hévíz bath combined with the care of professionals ensures that the healing is not only temporary, but also a long-lasting experience providing a full quality of life for all visitors!

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