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The Lake Bath of Hévíz awaits you, with many great services and the Liget Royal Restaurant 4 minutes from Hévíz!


The Lake Bath of Hévíz: healing and relaxation in one place

The Lake Bath of Hévíz awaits its visitors all year round and offers something special in every season. In spring and summer, flowering gardens and green plants make bathing even more magical. The autumn leaves have wonderful colours, while in winter the warmth of the lake spoils bathers on cold days, as the water is still 23-25 degrees. Therefore, the Lake Bath of Hévíz is not just a simple bathing place, but a real experience in all seasons.
Hévíz lake bath

The Lake Bath of Hévíz awaits you in winter and summer

The Lake Bath of Hévíz is not just a simple bath, but a place where you can experience complete relaxation and healing experience. The unique composition of the lake's healing water and the beneficial effects of the healing mud ensure the pampering of our body and soul.

With the onset of cold weather, steam generated on the surface of the lake forms a vapor cap, which effectively retains the heat of the water. So you can linger in the 23-25 degree water while the steam cares for your vocal cords, and all this happens even when the minuses are already raging outside. Bathing in the lake is highly recommended for people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal problems. The area around the lake is protected by almost 34 hectares of forest, which not only provides natural protection, but also creates a unique microclimate in harmony between the lake and the forest, supporting healing.

In summer, the temperature of the Hévíz Lake Bath can reach 35-38 degrees, so this period provides an opportunity to enjoy the water even for the brave. The miraculous effects of the lake do not diminish even in summer, so those who endure the heat well can still enjoy the healing power of the lake.

If you are hungry after pampering the Lake Bath of Hévíz, stop by us, as Liget Royal Restaurant is a 4-minute drive from the Hévíz Lake Bath, and you can continue your unhurried, peaceful relaxation with us, as we are waiting for you with the love of peaceful hospitality!

The Lake Bath of Hévíz offers not only bathing

The Lake Bath of Hévíz is a truly special place where we can finally break away from the everyday rush. The unique medicinal water, the stunning environment and the excellent services combine to make up this enchanted haven. Whether you are looking for romantic relaxation, family relaxation or just healing, here you will find answers to all your needs, so we can only say that you should not miss this healing and recharging place!

The Lake Bath of Hévíz is not short of special services, such as the salt cave, mud pool, park fitness court, garden chess and mill game. The wellness area and therapy centre of the lakeside Festetics Bath House further enhance the relaxation experience. Here you can choose between sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, ice cave, salt chamber, plunge pool and jacuzzi. 

The therapy centre offers various treatments, such as mud packs, underwater massage/tangentor, as well as massage services, disease-specific treatments, healing mud massage in Hévíz, body treatments, movement therapy treatments, cosmetics and hand and foot care. Here everything is given for complete relaxation and healing in one place, the Lake Bath of Hévíz.

After the relaxation provided by the Lake Bath of Hévíz, only a pleasant lunch is missing 

If you are longing for an exceptional lunch or dinner after the Lake Bath of Hévíz, then Liget Royal Restaurant is the place for you. In the modern world, everyone needs a place where they can slow down, enjoy a delicious dinner or a pleasant glass of wine without the noise of everyday life. 

The Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz brings to life the feeling of peaceful hospitality in a friendly, homely environment. Personal attention and precious time are guaranteed in the company of quality food. In the spirit of modern looseness and immediacy, we create a tension-free, welcoming environment. For us, hospitality is more than serving food, it's also creating experiences that last a lifetime.
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