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Best programs in Hévíz on the path of adventure, gastronomy and relaxation


Hévíz programs: healing, active recreation and gastronomy

Hévíz, the famous spa town, not only boasts the Lake Bath, but also offers a wide range of cultural and leisure programs. The atmosphere of the city, which is based on the power of natural healing springs and the beauty of the environment, includes healing, active holidays and gastronomy. The offer of Hévíz rich in programs promises experiences that will enchant every visitor and immerse them in the special world of the small town by the lake. 
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Hévíz programs – discover a pleasant way of healing

The much-talked about Lake Bath of Hévíz is deservedly famous, and it is worth talking about it as well. The special composition of the medicinal water, which is rich in dissolved and gaseous substances, combining the benefits of carbonated, sulphurous, calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate medicinal waters, provides a unique therapeutic effect. The healing mud thickly covering the lakebed further enhances the healing effect. Against rheumatism, other inflammations and musculoskeletal diseases, choose the magic of the Hévíz Lake Bath!

The Hévíz farmers' market is a compulsory programme in Hévíz 

One of the highlights of the obligatory programs in Hévíz is the local farmers' market, where honey producers, pickle and juice makers, cheese and vegetable vendors present their special products in an atmosphere accompanied by authentic folk music. Visitors get the opportunity to taste fresh bread, sausages, homemade cakes and fresh cow's milk even before buying. In addition, craftsmen are present, offering their earthenware, baskets or even handmade soaps on site. The Hévíz Farmers' Market, represented by 800 vendors, awaits visitors every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, giving visitors the opportunity to discover the diverse offer of local products and spend time rich in cultural experiences.

We are a few minutes walk from the farmers' market, so if you are at the Hévíz Farmers' Market, be sure to visit us at the Liget Royal Restaurant, where we welcome you with the atmosphere of an intimate, family meal in a modern environment. 


Hévíz programs for adrenaline lovers – winter water tour 

The unique charm of the Hévíz water tour is given by the extraordinary environmental conditions, the good atmosphere and the beauties of winter wildlife. Only a few steps away from the shore of the picturesque Lake Hévíz, hikers have the opportunity to discover this unique and fascinating water adventure surrounded by nature.

The Otter Water Tours team has been organizing these special winter water tours for nearly two decades. Tours are announced every weekend, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. On predetermined days, tours are sure to take place, and on these days you can join with any number of people, even alone.

If you are curious about the winter charm of the Hévíz stream and would like to experience it through such an organized tour, then this is your chance. Do not hesitate and enjoy the beauty of nature, while with the help of tour guides you can explore the beauties of the landscape in a comfortable and well-organized way. 

Hévíz programs on two legs – sightseeing tours

During the sightseeing tours you will have the opportunity to go deeper into the history and local culture of Hévíz.
One option is a walking tour, where you can explore the city and its small details at a slower pace. If you're looking for a more dynamic adventure, then an e-bike tour might be the choice for you, allowing you to explore the landscape with ease.

During the gastronomic tour you can enjoy the local flavors and culinary specialties, while admiring the beauties of the city during the walk. In addition, electric minibus trips are available, where you can explore the surroundings in comfort.

These tours take place in small groups, so they are guaranteed a personal and friendly atmosphere. They are now available every week with 4 participants, so you can easily join them.

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