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Restaurant with terrace in Hévíz: the terrace of the Liget Royal Restaurant is waiting for you!


Restaurant with terrace in Hévíz with renewed flavours and great atmosphere

The idyllic Liget Royal Restaurant in Hévíz is a place where time stands still, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy culinary delights in a renewed, elegant restaurant without haste. The proximity to nature and the hustle and bustle of city life form a unique combination here, where guests can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fully indulge in the joys of eating.
Restaurant with terrace in Hévíz

Liget Royal Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant with terrace in Hévíz

The Liget Royal Restaurant is located in the famous Hévíz, right in the middle where natural beauty meets urban elegance. The restaurant has recently undergone a complete renovation, giving the interior a modern and stylish look while maintaining harmony with the environment. The terrace area, which is one of the restaurant's biggest attractions, allows guests to enjoy delicious food and drinks outdoors in the fresh air. Come and try our novelties, book a table today!

New menu: culinary adventure with local flavors

The menu of the Liget Royal Restaurant is also based on local ingredients to offer its guests only the freshest and tastiest dishes. The new menu presents guests with a variety of flavours, from the specialities of traditional Hungarian cuisine to international culinary masterpieces. Our goal is for everyone to find the perfect flavor, whether it's a light salad, a rich meat dish or a sophisticated dessert.

Restaurant with terrace in Hévíz? - Liget Royal Restaurant is the best choice

The terrace of the Liget Royal Restaurant is a place where time really stands still. Here, guests can enjoy a meal in peace without haste, while immersing themselves in the beauty and tranquility of nature. The terrace design is designed for comfort and elegance in every detail, making it the perfect place for a long, relaxing lunch or an evening of wine under the stars in good weather. Of course, together with the restaurant, the terrace has also been renovated so that our guests can enjoy the new dishes in the most modern environment possible.

Restaurant with terrace in Hévíz with events

Liget Royal Restaurant is an excellent choice for all types of events, be it an intimate wedding, a family celebration or a corporate event. Both in the renovated restaurant and on the cozy terrace, we provide the perfect environment so that all participants of the event return home with unforgettable experiences. With our personalized services and attentive service, we make every event unique – see for yourself, we look forward to seeing you in our restaurant!

A peaceful restaurant with terrace in Hévíz, where time stands still

With the onset of good weather, the terrace of the Liget Royal Restaurant becomes a real treasure, providing the perfect setting for those who want to eat outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
The philosophy of Liget Royal Restaurant is to create a place where guests can escape from the rush of everyday life and fully indulge in the joys of eating and relaxing. Spending time in the restaurant gives us the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, friends, or simply enjoy moments of tranquility.

Fedezd fel a Liget Royal Restaurant varázsát

Visit us and experience the timeless experiences offered by Liget Royal Restaurant. You can discover our new menu, enjoy the special atmosphere of the terrace in good weather and stop time with us while embarking on a culinary adventure in Hévíz. We look forward to welcoming you to Liget Royal Restaurant, where tranquility and harmony of tastes await you. 
The renewed environment and offer of Liget Royal Restaurant guarantee that every visit will remain a lasting memory. Spend some time with us and let us enchant you with the world of gastronomy and hospitality of Hévíz.

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