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Sights of Hévíz: wonderful places to see in Hévíz


Sights of Hévíz that will fascinate you: don't miss them when you go there!

When we talk about the sights of Hévíz, many people immediately think of the local Lake Bath, and although this is understandably an outstanding attraction, it is important to know that there are many other interesting places to explore in Hévíz. The city is a kind of historical and recreational center, so we recommend that during your visit you discover not only the spa, but also other, lesser-known places that are guaranteed to enrich your stay with memorable experiences.
places to see in Hévíz

Among the sights of Hévíz is the must-see Lake Bath Hévíz

The Lake Bath Hévíz has already been featured in a separate article, so we wouldn't multiply the word about it unnecessarily. It is natural that most people associate Hévíz with it, which is no wonder, as this lake really provides a fantastic opportunity for relaxation and healing all year round, as it is possible to bathe in it both in winter and summer - bathing here provides a special experience that is worth trying for all those who want their health and wellness experiences.

Sights of Hévíz: meditative walk of the Water Lily educational trail

Take a walk along the Water Lily educational trail in Hévíz and immerse yourself in a magical environment that fascinates visitors all year round. This educational trail, unique in the world, is located in the protected forest of the thermal lake, and its walk also offers a kind of meditative experience.

The educational trail is an ideal program for all ages, as the forest footpath, which is only 2.2 kilometers long, will be well suited to young children and older people. At the end of the road we reach the canopy walkway, where we can roam among the foliage of the trees, and in the summer heat we can cool down pleasantly under the shady foliage. The 15-meter-high canopy observation deck allows visitors to enjoy a full panorama of the canopy level of the special forest and around the lake. 

Sights of Hévíz: don't miss the pedestrian streets of Hévíz

Discover the charming Széchenyi Street of Hévíz, where Rákóczi Street intertwines with the Dr. Vilmos Schulhof Promenade and the healing lake, creating a unique atmosphere in this picturesque place. Cosy cafes, restaurants, pastry shops and boutiques combine to create the city's unique character, while the 1920s-style villas lining the street have now been transformed into restaurants or accommodations, evoking the atmosphere of the old days. It is located at one end of the Dr. Schulhof Vilmos Promenade, exactly at the main entrance, where you can enjoy a special view through the statue of the Fairy of the Lake. The female figure places the coat of arms of Hévíz in one hand, while on the other side stands a statue of a cherub that protects the city from evil spirits.

If you're looking for a truly nostalgic experience, visit us at Liget Royal Restaurant, just a 4-minute drive from the pedestrian area. Our restaurant is not just a place, but a culinary experience where we evoke the atmosphere of peace. Come and join us to enjoy an intimate and nostalgic dining experience!

Among the sights of Hévíz stands out the Roman-era Ruin Garden

Immerse yourself in the historical richness of Hévíz in the Roman Ruin Garden, which was renovated in all its splendor in 2010. This place offers a wonderful environment for visitors to reminisce about the rich past of the city.

The history of the building dates back to the turn of the first and second centuries, when a stone building of more than 1000 square meters stood on the site of today's Ruin Garden. This structure was probably destroyed towards the end of the second century and rebuilt in the third century AD, including a Mithras shrine. The statue "The Gate of Home" in the Roman Ruin Garden depicts the entrance to a typical Roman house with a dog resembling a Great Dane, a symbol of protection. The exact function of the building is still a mystery, but it was probably used for economic activity.

Now the Ruin Garden awaits visitors in a renovated environment and with lively animation programs, so that they can be part of the historical treasures of the city and discover mysterious details of the past together.

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