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Sights near Hévíz: explore the sights near Lake Town.


Sights near Hévíz: what to see around Lake Town?

Hévíz, where the healing power of the water of the healing lake is recognized worldwide, is famous not only for this reason. The surroundings of Hévíz are also full of sights, so let us guide you in the world of sights around Hévíz! Hiking, adventure parks, gingerbread houses are just some of the fascinating experiences that await visitors in this area.

One of the most popular attractions near Hévíz is Rezi Castle

Located only 10 minutes from Hévíz, on the outskirts of Rezi, on a 427-meter-high cliff, stands Rezi Castle, which adorns one of the prominent parts of the Keszthely plateau.

The stone walls of Rezi Castle are a stunning sight and a unique opportunity for sightseeing. Looking in the direction of Sümeg, we have a wonderful view, while above Zalaszántó the white peak of the Stupa is also noticeable. The area is therefore an ideal place for excursions, where the beauty of nature is intertwined with historical monuments.

The gingerbread house of Zalaszántó is a favorite of many people around Hévíz

Another interesting feature of the area is located in Zalaszántó. Here rises a gingerbread house, which presents itself in the form of a farmhouse consisting of two rooms. The museum is full of wonderful gingerbread that is not only sweet, but also has cultural value. We can learn when and how the honeysuckles were first prepared, as well as find out what the different motifs on the gingerbread mean.

Local experts are happy to share with us what is needed to make the perfect honey. Visitors have the opportunity to taste delicious honey, sip elderberry syrup and get a variety of homemade jams.

If you are interested in sights near Hévíz, then Keszthely is not to be missed

Keszthely, the neighbor of Hévíz, offers further exciting sights. The city's famous pedestrian street is lined with restaurants, wine bars and shops, but there is also a special place, the Historic Panoptikum. This museum hides many interesting things and is an excellent addition to the school curriculum. The building itself is impressive as it is housed in a building from the last century, allowing visitors to take part in a journey back in time.

Need adrenaline around Hévíz? Head to the Alsóoáok adventure park!

Bobo Fun Park in Alsópáhok is the newest leisure centre in the region, where fun and adrenaline meet. The park covers almost 3000 square meters and is an ideal destination for both young and old. The park offers many different experiences, be it couples, families, groups of friends or corporate teams. The leisure centre is open from Wednesday to Sunday, so anyone can find a suitable time for unclouded entertainment.

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